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The World Federation of Acupuncture-Moxibustion Societies (WFAS) will hold their annual International Symposium in Lisbon , Portugal from November 4 th to November 6 th . Organised by the A.P.A.E., the symposium's aim is to exchange the current academic and practical understanding of Acupuncture from a global perspective. More than 400 experts and delegates worldwide will convene to discuss the present situation and future direction of Acupuncture, considering the increasing significance of preventative medicine in an aging society.


The particular aim of this year's symposium will be to emphasise the practical aspect of Acupuncture through extensive workshops provided by the most prestigious organisations from China , Japan and Europe . As well as stimulating theoretical and scientific research, we would like the participants to see and feel the results of Acupuncture practice at its best, taking away home hints and ideas as to how we as practitioners can keep on improving society's well-being. Of particular importance will be the collaboration between Western Medicine and Oriental Medicine in designing new ways to heal the human body.


This will be a unique opportunity to absorb valuable knowledge and network with practitioners and organisations across the continents. It is open to all who are willing to contribute and participate. We, the A.P.A.E. would like to welcome you to this noble opportunity in shaping Acupuncture through the 21 st century.

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2nd Announcement ( April 11 th , 2005 )

Dear Colleagues,

We, the A.P.A.E. doctor group humbly present the WFAS 2005 International Symposium of Acupuncture in Lisbon . Our mission is to bring together the expertise and knowledge of fellow professionals dispersed around the world : inter alia France , Italy , Portugal , Spain United Kingdom, United States from the West; inter alia China , India , Indonesia , Japan , Singapore , South Korea and V ietnam from the East.

The Symposium will be organised into PC presentations, poster spaces, video presentations and with a special emphasis on Workshops , offering a wide range of perspectives to study Acupuncture. We have come to a new age of converging medical practice where b oth Oriental and Western Medicine' s progress in their unique environment s offer the best of available techniques and technologies. We, as the organisers, have great respect towards the practice of Oriental Medicine and its achievements, making us extremely eager to study it at its very highest standard. Indeed i t is an opportune moment to study Acupuncture's development and adaptation in the West.

We have already begun accepting registration from numerous European and non-European organizations, and we welcome further activism. We have designed this symposium to be the first of its kind where the emphasis lies in the practical workshops and its results . Let us embark on the journey to further the culture and science of Oriental Medicine, pursuing quality and safe-practice for the better of all mankind. We openly welcome you to be a part of this great expedition in redefining the new ways in a new age of medicine.

Kind Regards,

Mitsuharu Tsuchiya

President, Organizing Committe

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